Naim HeadLine Headphone Amplifier and NAPSC Power Supply: First Impressions

(From July 3, 2010)

Reviews of the Naim HeadLine headphone amplifier are hard to come by. And it’s a rare Naim dealer that stocks a $600 headphone amp that requires a $500 external power supply (minimum) to sound its best. There’s just not that much demand. But as a Naim devotee and serious headphone listener, I could not complete my search for a superior headphone amp without seeking out the HeadLine. It took a couple of months to get one on test, but it was worth it.

Naim HeadLine

 NAPSC Power Supply

Like all Naim equipment, the HeadLine and NAPSC are built to military spec. There’s nothing flimsy about their aluminum chassis or the quality of their parts. The resulting performance is my new reference.

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