12/03/16: Saturday Fun Day in NYC

As part of my Dumping Facebook “Friends” for Real Friends initiative, I organized a lunch for half a dozen college friends at the Grand Central Oyster Bar, which was convenient and tasty, though a bit more expensive than we had planned. All agreed that someplace cheap will serve as the next venue. Baby steps….

After lunch, a few of us stopped by the New York Transit Museum Gallery Annex to check out the holiday electric train display. There used to be a more elaborate holiday electric train display at the Citicorp Building, but it ended in 2008. Below is a shot from Saturday’s display at Grand Central.

After looking at the trains, we walked off our lunch with a stroll to the Seiko Boutique on Madison Avenue. I’m a freak for the incredible engineering and craftsmanship of Seiko watches, and treated myself to a new diver’s watch from the boutique last spring. Saturday’s focus was on the exquisite Grand Seiko dress watch pictured below and reviewed here. I love the vintage/mid-century modern look of the ivory/parchment colored face, and probably would have bought the piece if I hadn’t left my $4,900 in my other pants.

Grand Seiko SBGR061. $4900
Grand Seiko SBGR061. $4900
A block north and across the street, I was able to check out the elusive JBL KL2 S9900 loudspeakers at the Harmon Flagship Store. Sadly, as driven by Mark Levinson electronics and connected with AudioQuest AG-4 speaker cables, the big JBLs sounded so harsh that they actually gave me a headache. I blame those amps from the Mark Levinson brand, which has long since severed ties with legendary audio designer Mark Levinson (the man). Levinson (the man) founded his eponymous company in New Haven in 1972, and essentially reinvented high-end audio as we know it today. He’s since gone on to found several other highly regarded audio companies, and currently runs Daniel Hertz audio (which he founded) in Switzerland. I could go on about how I would have amplified and cabled the JBL system, but I won’t. As shown, the speakers were about $44,000/pair. But as I noted, they gave me a headache. Plus, I’d left my backpack with $45,000 in it at home.

JBL KL2 S9900. $44,000/pair base price (upcharges for custom finishes)
JBL KL2 S9900. $44,000/pair base price (upcharges for custom finishes)
The great thing about “shopping” for ridiculous things is that there’s no way to buy impulsively. I still believe that Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills is the best place to do this (plus, you might see somebody famous), but mid-town Manhattan clocks in at a close second.

Looking forward to the next group lunch and outing, with cheap eats followed by other types of low-to-zero expenditure activity.


5 thoughts on “12/03/16: Saturday Fun Day in NYC

  1. What a fun outing! Ironically, I was also in NYC on Saturday, visiting my daughter. Spent the afternoon at the 9/11 memorial and museum, which was very moving. Would have been fun to see you!


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