2017-01-11: Quick Notes on Whatever it Was that Happened This Morning

Hey, I’m no fan of T****, but let me start by saying how completely disgusted I am at BuzzFeed for publishing unsubstantiated dirt that numerous outlets have had for months but have withheld because it’s probably fake. BuzzFeed is an unmitigated disgrace to the journalistic profession, and their actions only will serve to strengthen T****’s reputation among so-called populists.

"What we have here is a failure to communicate."
“What we have here is a failure to communicate.”

Also, even if he did what they say he did, it’s nobody’s business — as long as what he allegedly did was consensual. If we want the G.O.P. to get out of everybody else’s personal business, then we have to get out of theirs. The only thing “salacious” about these (probably fake) “revelations” is that people with nothing smarter to do have seized upon them. The real issues with this fool are his cabinet picks, his third-grade maturity level, his emotional instability, his pathological lying, his kleptocratic tendencies, and about 5o other things.

Like I said, I’m no fan.

Which brings us to this morning’s Whatever-It-Was, which certainly was not a press conference. I watched about half of it (until my loss in I.Q. points crossed the double-digit threshold), and my notes (taken in real time) are below — along with analysis from The New York Times.

New York Times:
Donald T**** and the State of Conflict

“[The Whatever-It-Was] was a perfect example of how the former “Apprentice” star uses reality-TV staging: presenting the easily understandable cartoon of a thing to stand in for the thing itself…. What does “business” look like, to a home viewer? A bunch of people in suits meeting in a boardroom, where someone says, “You’re fired.” (Mr. T**** ended the conference with his “Apprentice” catchphrase, saying he’d tell his sons that if they mucked up the business.)…. And what does “ending conflict of interest” look like? A lawyer says the word “trust” a bunch of times, and there’s a big pile of documents. Done and done!…. This was just one example of how Mr. T**** can create impressions faster than journalists can fact-check them.”

My Viewing Notes:

  • Disgrace that information would be let out. Could have been the intelligence community….That would be very, very bad. Should never have “entered paper.” Hacking…. Probably China…. Assembled some of the greatest computer minds…. The six top people IN THE WORLD….
  • Greatest job producer that God ever created.
  • Tremendous.
  • Elegant day. Very special. Very beautiful.
  • Movement like the world has never seen before.
  • The states that voted for me will benefit. [The others…not so much.]
  • Fantastic.
  • Truly great.
  • DNC could have had “hacking defense” like we had. Reince Priebus ordered a very, very strong hacking defense. [Norton Antivirus?]
  • Bring it back to HRC. If somebody said about me what he [Podesta] said about HRC, I would have fired him immediately.
  • Hacking is bad…. but look what was learned!
  • If DT had gotten the questions in advance, it would have been the biggest story in the history of stories!
  • Obama admin created ISIS
  • If Putin likes DT, that’s an asset! Does anybody believe that HRC would be tougher on Vlad than me! Give me a break!
  • Moscow Miss Universe did very, very well. [glad to know!]
  • Cameras are so small, and they’re all over the place. [even in my head!]
  • I’m also a germaphobe, believe me! [hookers; cooties]
  • No connection to Russia…[even though my son said it was our biggest customer]
  • It’s a nice thing to have — the no conflict of interest provision — but I’m not going to use it [mighty white of you]
  • I could actually run my business and run the country at the same time, but I’m not going to, because I don’t want to do that
  • Tax returns are under audit [still!]
  • The only ones who care about my tax returns are the reporters. [also, everybody else]
  • My company is much bigger and more powerful than people ever thought. [hadn’t really thought about it]
  • Don and Eric will run the company without discussing it with me
  • MorganLewis lawyer assures us DT is cool. He’s like Nelson Rockefeller, having built HIS OWN great fortune and empire [starting with only the clothes on his back and $200 million in the bank]
  • DT promises that he won’t steal. He didn’t have to, but he did. [mensch!]
  • Table of “just some of the paperwork” [LOOK AT ALL THOSE FOLDERS!!!; there must be lots and lots of paperwork in there; important stuff!; more at Kinko’s]
  • No new foreign deals, but domestic is okay
  • “Building a wall”…between DT and the T organization [nice use of language, MorganLewis]
  • [How long is this lawyer going to read???]
  • Blame the press for making it impossible to put T into a blind trust. Also, there’s nobody good enough to run it [because it’s a house of cards?]
  • [Okay, I have to get back to work; this is bullshit.]



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