01-20-17: On This Day In History

Morning: got up; took my vitamins; showered and dressed; went to work; dealt with some emails; worked on my projects; had a conference call; did more work on my projects.

A hearty breakfast
A hearty breakfast

Afternoon: had lunch at my desk; continued work on my projects; responded to email; chatted with co-workers; handled more email and whatnot; did more project work; went to the bathroom; got some Fritos out of the machine.

A picture of some lunch at somebody's desk
A picture of some lunch at somebody’s desk

Evening: finished up work for the day and shut down; went home; put out the trash; went to the market; fixed a little dinner; thought about watching TV, but decided to listen to music and read; straightened up a little bit; put my jammies on; hopped in the sack.

Bedtime (not me)
Bedtime (not me)

Also: The world as we know it came to an end.



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