Subversive Cultural Influences

The list, beginning in about sixth grade (ongoing, and in no particular order):

I first heard this on the radio late one night during high school. Yes, it’s that old.


SPLC Weekend Reading

This is what I was trying to do with my early blogs — gathering the week’s best stories from the most reliable sources, and prefacing the list with a weekly editorial. Now I just read this. The content is better, and the process is far less emotionally wrenching.

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X-Men: Apocalypse — full review

Watched it on the HBO. Lots of stuff blowed up, but in the end, the world was saved.

Here’s what happens:
In ancient times, the Pharoah got killed by those who thought he was a false god, but then in the future which was 1983 a guy’s family from Poland got killed which is why he became Magneto because of what happened in Cuba last time which is why the CIA lady and a bad Army dude had captured the wolfman, which was Wolverine, but he ran away into the snow at the secret place because Professor Xavier said embrace your power to the girl who helped wolfman both now and in the future when the ex-Pharoah guy tried to wreck everything, but the good mutants reunited to stop him and also fixed up the mutant mansion that blowed up real good because the bridges came down and everything since the Bronze Age because…metal.

After that, things got a little confusing.

2 Stars