2 thoughts on “Spider-Man: Far From Home — Full Review

  1. I couldn’t really follow the previous Spiderman, either– “Into the Spider-Verse,” or some such. Stuff’s way over my head, I guess. 


  2. RG,

    I’m down with giving up on the whole online dating scene in favor of re-building a life of my own. Already being the most interesting man in the world is not enough, as apparently I am the only person aware of this distinction. In addition I have to interact with, how do you say in English?, “l’autrui” – other people. God it pains me to write it. As a reward, is it really asking too much to bump into Marissa Tomei in Trader Joe’s, and have her ask me with a coy smile how to select an avocado, and I suggest it requires knowing hands and experience, and she asks me to teach her, and I invite her to my party to watch me make guacamole, and she can not f*cking believe that I know RG let alone address him casually as one would an ordinary friend, and I say no biggie and she falls in love with me and is that really too goddamn much to ask? Really?!



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