“Alt-right” = White Supremacy

As mentioned earlier, my T**** University “major” is racism/white supremacy. I can’t keep up with everything, but I’m keeping up with that. Even though I’m probably not threatened (as long as I stay in Connecticut), generations of my family have fought for our citizenship and civil rights. The WS contention that they — and only they — “built this country” is absurd, and is particularly insulting for descendants of people who both built it and didn’t get paid.

The new "rainbow coalition?"
The new “rainbow coalition?”

I had hoped that the median age of WS supporters was sufficiently high that we wouldn’t have to worry about them much longer, but there’s a new breed that’s internet-enabled, angrier than ever, and (seemingly) ignorant of even their own history.

News flash, chumps! A disproportionate percentage of black Americans have served in the military, and the Second Amendment that you’re so worried about covers all Americans.

Just some food for thought before you decide to light any fires in my yard….

The Nation:
“Alt-Right” Is Not a Thing. It’s White Supremacy.
The Alt Right is not a thing; it’s a number of things, all with white supremacy at their core. Southern Poverty Law Center categorizes far-right hate groups into 11 different categories: anti-immigration, anti-LGBT, anti-Muslim, anti-government, Christian identity, Holocaust denial, Ku Klux Klan, neo-Confederate, neo-Nazi, racist skinhead, and white nationalist.”